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Our Blog Section filters Information

Information overload and time constraints call for the information to be filtered. When creating our blog section, this very idea was inspiring us to design our blogosphere in a reader friendly way.

Nothing succeeds more like success.

Therefore, it does not matter to start small.

Information Overload

Search engine recognize good information, what we can learn from the machines we programmed.

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Google „Newsflash“ - May 2016

We think that this is big news.

According to SEO and Internet Marketing “hotspot” Searchenginejournal, Google now allows websites to increase the optimal length of their titles and meta-descriptions quite significantly. Of course, having a long or short title or description did not lead to a penalty in the past, but there was an ideal length for these two important descriptive website factors – of optimally about 50 characters for a title and between 150-160 characters for meta-descriptions.

Now, this has changed to 70 characters (title) respectively around 250 characters for descriptions. Reading between the lines, we believe Google desires webmasters to focus even more on content than on stuffing a certain number of keywords into a short descriptive text.

Bottom line: A lot of adjustment work for webmaster and website owners.

Google and the Renaissance of Journalism

Restructuring, cost-cutting and lean management has cut into the spending budgets of corporate America and the world since the early 90ies. It was and has been the new style of managing businesses. While the results on corporate bottom lines have led to increase in "shareholder value" for years, the macro effect has been negative long term. Unemployment and poverty have increased and established themselves, economic recoveries today take place without an increase in employment. These waves of restructuring also embraced the media business and journalism in general.

Investigative and quality journalism have lived on, but no longer sponsored in the way it used to be. Consequently, quality journalism has suffered and the emergence of the Internet initially accelerated this trend. However, this trend may be reversed and quality writing has become more important than ever. Changes in the algorithm by Google and other search engines now value original and quality content more than ever.

As a result, the demand for people with writing talent will increase. More money will be spent on advertising with sites that are ranked high - and these sites will not be ranked high without skill anymore (more on this subject in the weeks and months ahead).

News from "Google Land"

Search giant Google has come out with a number of important updates in recent months. Insiders were not very surprised about this, however, the proper structure of a site and good content dominate the ranking system in an increasing way. Today, search engines even measure how mobile-friendly a site is and gives mobile friendly sites an extra bonus in their rankings. That means, for many sites, adjustments have to be made in order to stay ahead of the game.

Apple - Google`s Cash Cow

As far as mobile devices are concerned, Apple Computer is a very important part of the Google business model and of its financial growth. According to investment bank Goldman Sachs, Google took in US$ 11 billion last year through mobile ads, with 75% of the revenue stemming from Apple devices.