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Organic Ranking

Ranking Factors

Factors that contribute to the ranking of a webpage in search engines, also called ranking factors, are the most talked about subject in the “SEO (search engine optimization) world”. Internet marketers have speculated and researched ranking factors ever since web search has become a marketing tool. Over time Google has lifted some of the secrets that make up rankings, however, the exact formula remains a well-guarded formula. Some of the most important factors are known and established, such as the number and quality of other websites linking to a site (backlinks), the age of a domain and the quality of the content. Recently, Google has emphasized, that the mobile look of a site (how a site looks on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets) has become a ranking factor as well.

As important as it is to do the right thing, it is important to avoid doing the wrong thing when attempting to make a site climb the search engine rankings. That means that the wrong SEO measures can and will lead to penalties – downgrades of sites that can become permanent.