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Evaluating your Internet Presence



Our work ethic and services are designed to provide our clients with helpful work products and ideas. In order to move forward the very first step is to assess the situation and state of the project we should be working on or are already working on.

Therefore, before we take on a project full throttle, we evaluate what can do, and, in our humble opinion, what should be done. Sometimes we advise our clients on refraining to develop a project because it is not worth pursuing due to the costs involved and the financial/risk reward ratio.

Using the latest and most reliable methods assess where you, your website or project stand, we provide the expertise and tools to give you the best assessment possible.

Your Competitors

The second step in the assessment process is to identify your competitors, respectively how far they are ahead in the marketing curve.

This step is, most of the times, interesting for the clients, because they find out details about their competition they did not no so far.

Within the overall perspective, the assessment is necessary to identify what has to be done and how much it will cost.


Market Analysis

Aside from the intangible aspect (Web Presence, Corporate Identity) an assessment has to be made, whether the market for your products and services is big enough to justify making a substantial investment into improving your online presence.

Clearly, as the numbers in the "Facts Section" on this site demonstrate: Most of the times the investment is worth it many times over, because the value of goods and services sold through the Internet has exploded in the past 10 years.

In addition, today, a good web presence is like having an online business card. It is professional to have it and says a lot about you.

Cost Estimate

The cost for a marketing campaign should be viewed in light of the effect and potential profits.

We have highlighted the benefits of Internet marketing campaign on this site.



Before a decision is made, it is important to lay out and formulate a strategy.

In order for the cooperation to work smoothly and successfully, expectations for the client should be managed, that means we emphasize from to get-go what we believe to be realistic goals.

Agreeing on setting realistic expectations and on the stratagem is part of our transparent work ethic and ongoing consulting sessions.

Strategy adjusted web design

We align your goals with the reality and compare you against your competition

Our specialty: Repairing an online campaign gone bad .

Personalized Internet packages with predefined goals.