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Analyzing your Online Presence


Important Metrics and Ranking Factors

There are many factors that determine your Internet presence and reputation.

Importantly, there is the position a website has with search engines for specific and relevant search terms. Search engine observers and insiders often refer to this as “SERP” (Search Engine Rank Page), which is the position for any particular key word. A good position for frequently entered search terms will drive traffic to your site, which helps you your site to attract attention.

In total, Google uses approximately 200 factors that determine the position for any keyword. Website operators who target high visibility for their sites engage in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for this reason. The objective of SEO is to improve the factors the influence the ranking. The more points you gather, the better your position will be.

The exact make-up of the ranking factors is a closely kept secret. Google and other search engines just offer guidelines on which factors website operators should focus on. One of the most important things to focus on, and that is something Google is telling the SEO world over and over again, is to focus on good and helpful content. "Content" as many marketers and search engine representatives are saying, "is King".

Google has been successful with its algorithm as the most useful sites for any topic often rank highest on Google.

Content is, while important, just one factor, however. Other important factors include the structure of your site, its link popularity or how often content of your site is shared via social media platforms. Many of these factors can be measured, which is the starting point of an assessment of your site. This is, among other things, what we do for our clients.

How can one measure and compare important metrics and data?

We have developed a tool-set that allows us to review websites within a short period of time and compare any website to its competitors. From there we can assess how much work has to go into a site in order to make it competitive. Sometimes a significant effort is necessary, while on other occasions, just a few changes can lead to success.

Services Overview

We offer our services through campaigns and customized packages.