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Client Specific Data


The bottom line in numbers - we measure the actual benefits that a marketing campaign has resulted in, both in quantity and quality. In doing so, we rely on different analytical tools and software applications, most prominently “Google Analytics”.

The process of measuring and assessing data relating to your online presence (website, social media accounts) is referred to in different terms by marketers including traffic-analysis, traffic-data-analysis, web-controlling or web-tracking. These terms describe more or less the same thing, so don´t be confused by them.

The “Conversion Rate” – Measuring Success of a Campaign

Receiving substantial web traffic by itself does necessarily help website operators to obtain their targets. The key to success is receiving visits and hits by potential customers or target groups, so the quality of the traffic is as important as the quantity. The term that is often used on the Net is the so-called and all important “conversion rate”, which measures the success of a marketing campaign and web traffic relating to the bottom line of the company or project.

Client Specific Data

While traffic and sales can be measured easily, the improvement in reputation and client satisfaction is more difficult to gauge – yet client satisfaction and reputation management drive sales over the long haul. Therefore, we recommend the conclusions stemming from purely analytical work with classic marketing and PR techniques that help the overall web presence of a company or project. PR work helps to drive sales and traffic in many ways, even though the results cannot be measured as easily as SEO or marketing campaigns.

Services Overview

We offer our services through campaigns and customised packages.