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Online Marketing


Search Engine Marketing

The ranking in search engines, respectively the effort to improve this ranking, is essential to the online presence and reputation. The measures taken to obtain a good are often referred to as SEM or SEO.

Generally, we recommend to make SEM part of the overall marketing campaign. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization are disciplines within Internet Marketing that target a good position and high visibility in search engines. The aim is to position a particular website as high as possible for a particular search term, which is also referred to as ranking or Google ranking. Of course, SEM also applies to other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing as well, but since most (English speaking) people who surf the Net use Google, they also frequently use the term Google ranking. Google # 1 ranking therefore means that the website that is ranked first for a search term is ranked # 1 in Google for that term. Good SEO or SEM results in high traffic for the website that enjoys a good position. Most people click on sites of the first search engine results page. Website owners and webmasters therefore use their knowledge and certain techniques to get websites to rank well.

The way search engines calculate the value of pages is a closely guarded secret, but several ranking factors are known.

What differentiates good from bad SEO is simply the result.

A good marketing company will make sure that you achieve the results desired and that these results will last. Our company has developed standards and guidelines over a long period of time, as management has been learning and studying search engine technology since the year 2000. Therefore, our edge is our experience as well as the tool set and knowledge we have acquired over many years. This helps us and our clients to do well with SEO. Because we have a high level of confidence in what we do, we can offer performance oriented SEO plans, where a portion of our fees is contingent on the success we achieve.

Email Marketing

When done the right way, email marketing is still a powerful tool.

Diligent preparation of an email campaign as an audience well targeted are keys to success.

Often, the positive results can be measured in short distance of time.


Public Relations Campaigns

Merging traditional knowledge and methods or public relations campaigns with powerful Internet tools magnify the positive effect or a good message.

With billions f Internet users, the message sent through the net is more effective than ever.

Social media has become a big part of PR, therefore it has become part of our focus as well.

Social Media Marketing | SMM

The reach of social media marketing is nothing but stunning. With ease, an interesting and compelling message can go “viral” and bring a breathtaking number of visitors to a page or website. We provide information, consulting services and campaigns to market your ideas or business to the targeted audience with the objective of increasing interest and revenue.

In order to do this effectively, we work hard to study and learn about your business and your competitive environment. As much as it important to execute a well thought through social media marketing plan, formulating a compelling message takes understanding of what the business is about and why you have the edge.

Moreover, designing and structuring the format and layout of the message is as important. One never gets a second chance of making the first impression. Each social media platform has special features and structuring navigation for each platform must be adjusted accordingly so the content gets found easily when people search for keywords and phrases.


Checking the Results

Relying on our analytical tools, and we can often measure how effective the marketing campaigns launched and executed were.

In the end, the results should meet the goals defined at the outset.