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Areas of Expertise - What we do best!


Modern Digital Marketing and Homepage Design

As modern Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency, our areas of expertise include Internet Marketing and SEO, Web Design as well as Social Media Marketing. In addition, we assist our clients with classic PR work such as PR releases or networking with journalists.

Our work ethic determines our approach – and we work diligently, honestly and with clear goal sets in mind. Before we go to work, we therefore like to formulate a strategy with our clients in order to define the goals of each project.

Importantly, before developing an outlook, we assess the existing Internet presence as well as the competition, which is particular important for Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing clients.

We do this, because our clients deserve an estimate about the costs, the risks and the upside potential of a promotional effort.

Expectation Management

Clients often ask us how long it will take for traffic and business to increase - and our answer always is: “It depends”, because many factors, such as the competitive environment or how much work was performed before, play a role in giving an assessment.

Managing expectations is important for various reasons and patience is the key to success. A good ranking with search engines, for example, does not come overnight. Website owners, webmasters and companies sometimes have little knowledge about Digital Marketing and related subject area. And so, a certain level of education helps our clients to understand what we do - and how long it can take before the desired results come in. We consider the analytical approach we have developed as one of our core strength and area of expertise.

Specialty Services

It is no secret that the impact of a successful marketing campaign can be huge. Consequently, the competition has grown and become stiffer each and every year. Skill and expertise are required to do well. We have worked hard to develop our skillset.

Our specialty services include:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Repair Services and "Detox
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)