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Our Super Blog discusses hot topics on the Web as they relate to Online Marketing and Public Relations. In doing so, we collect knowledge from specialty groups and forums and present them in an easy-to-read way.


Why a Super Blog?

The Super Blog main purpose is to provide readers with useful information. This saves them time, as well as the effort to search through all the forums out there to gather the information they are looking for.

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Hot Topic Ranking Factors

The composition of the so-called ranking factors changes over time along with new rollouts of the Google Search Engine Algorithm. As we have outlined in different sections on this site, this Algorithm determines the position of a website for a specific keyword.

Webmasters, who are eager to push their website to a top ranking position, therefore should adhere to certain principles and golden rules with respect to factors that determine the Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP).

For businesses and projects that aim at delivering their content to a large audience, these ranking factors are decisive for success. Changes in the composition or weighting of the “Google Algo” is what the online marketing community has been discussing with passion over the past 20 years – it´s been a hot topic and will remain such for the foreseeable future.

In recent years, for example, making websites mobile friendly has become important. As far as it comes to search behavior among Internet users, more people now search their web with mobile devices than with their laptop – so making a homepage mobile friendly is one of the keys to success. In general one has to keep in mind that user friendly homepages are looked upon more favorably by Google that non friendly ones.

The most important content should be found with ease and fast. Page load speed is therefore another aspect to focus on when “optimizing” a site - so think about eliminating files and codes from your sites that slow down the load speed significantly. Don´t worry too much though, page load speed only plays a role when it really hurts the usability of a site, so when a site loads really slowly, try to work on that. Other issues that often come up in discussions about the Goggle Algorithm include duplicate content and the right content strategy.

Copying and scraping content from other places on the Web is a definite No-Go and will raise eye-brows with “the Google Police”. If your content is not original, a Google Penalty may be imposed – which hurts the visibility of your site search engines.