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Detox PR

One of the most destructive things that can happen to your marketing campaign is a search engine penalty. This occurs when your website is sanctioned with a downgrade due to an undesired technique used by your marketing firm (or yourself).

Depending on how the penalty was imposed (automatically or through a live person), the repair job can be managed with ease, some effort or not at all. Negative (=toxic) factors than often affect websites include duplicate content (content stolen (“scraped”) from other sources or an unnatural link profile. A (back)link profile is, for example, considered unnatural, when too many other sites not related to your niche link to your site.

Moreover, if your site links to websites that are considered low quality by search engines, your ranking may suffer as well. Importantly, there may be some technical issues that can prevent a site from becoming visible on the Net.

In order for your site to do well, these obstacles have to be removed. While the search engine algorithm and ranking factors are subject to ongoing evolvement, some of the aforementioned toxic factors will always stand in the way of a healthy website that can prosper.


The term Detox PR has emerged because of changes search engines have made in how they are measuring whether your website is influenced by negative factors, such as spam links or negative profiles. Those negative factors are considered poisonous to the health of your site - and can only be cured by a detox. Often, "infections" are caused by marketing or SEO/Marketing campaign gone bad.

While unhealthy factors clearly lead to a downgrade in your rankings, most of the times a detox can and will work. The first step in the healing process is an analysis whether your site is infected.



If the infection has not lead to a manual downgrade by the search engines, and the patient, so to speak, is still alive, appropriate measures can be taken. In other words, there are situations that are are beyond repair, or difficult to repair. Such cases exists, when Google has imposed a manual penalty on a site, which has turned the site into a toxic piece of property.

In most situations, however, damaging factors can be eliminated. As a result, a healthy and new version of your website emerges after the the repair job is done.

Results Check

After the search engines catch up to the changes, which typically happens over a period of days or weeks, the implementation of the website detox should have taken effect. The improvement is measurable and can be summarized in reports.

Usually it takes a few weeks before search engines have re-evaluated your site.