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We offer modern, creative and customized solutions in order to create or improve your Web presence. Depending on your needs and the stage of the marketing curve you are in, you can opt to go with an marketing campaign or a specific service that we offer. Our online marketing campaign suits smaller projects as well as multi-national companies or organizations. We stress the global capability because any company that desires to go global need to tap into international search engine optimization resources. Vica versa, website operators focusing on local or regional goals need to set specific local or regional measures in order to attract the targeted audience. Marketing Campaigns.

Our marketing campaigns include four cornerstones:

- Search Engine Marketing

- Email Campaigns

- Public Relations Measures

- Social Media - Marketing

Our campaigns are offered through specific plans, depending on the scale of the task. The smallest of these plans is our "Baby Plan", which, at a cost of $ 250 is very much affordable, and gives a good insight and assessment of the current Web presence status of a site, company or project. Assessing the status is always a good way of estimating the cost and formulating realistic objectives.

We have highlighted and summarized the services offered below. In addition to the aforementioned we would like to stress that we keep a close eye on the results of our work. With some of our clients we have entered agreements that link our performance with ongoing payments. This makes sense for sites our businesses that generate sales through Internet traffic and the ranking in search engines. In other words and subject to an agreement, payment can be linked to the ranking in search engines.

In addition to the services we off in campaigns and packages, we take on assignments in the areas of Litigation and Crisis PR, inter alia working in support with law firms or legal departments.


Strategy adjusted web design

We align your goals with the reality and compare you against your competition

Our specialty: Repairing an online campaign gone bad .

Personalized Internet packages with predefined goals.

In Detail

What we do and how we do it

Setting Objectives

Every campaign should start with setting objectives.

Social Media

Today most companies use Social Media to market themselves. Why you should do the same thing.


Comparing yourself to the competition as well as assessing your current score is important.

Content Management

It is not only what you say, but how you say it. We provide content management strategies.


Search Engine Optimization has evolved. Quality world counts more than ever before.


When Google has downgraded your website or a PR campaign has misfired, a repair job is neccessary.

Web Design Optimization

We make sure your site has the right structure and appeal for visitors and search engines.

Internet Marketing

Marketing your website, businesses, project or simply YOU.

A marketing effort may be crucial to avert negative consequences to your reputation, moreover, a marketing effort gone wrong may need a good "repair" job.  .

This term, which has originated from Anglo-Saxon countries has swept through the rest of the world in recent years. Law firm and individuals involved in legal disputes today need support from public relations specialists more often than not.

Crisis PR is neccessary in an extraordinary set of circumstances relating to public and media exposure. The quick implementation of a crisis plan is crucial in these situations..

The changes in the way the search engines and the Internet today recognize websites have made some old marketing techniques "toxic". Sometimes, therfore, a detox is necessary

Client satisfaction means the we want your costumers to be happy with the results. If for some reason, the results are not as desired, we offer a partial money back guarantee.