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Design Ideas


mobile friendly design is part of SEO
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Strategy adjusted Web Design.

We align your goals with the reality and compare you against your competition.

Our specialty: Repairing an online campaign gone bad.

Personalized Internet packages with predefined goals.

In Detail

What we do and how we do it

Search Engine Marketing - SEM and SEO

A good ranking with the search engines helps you to attract attention and customers.

Social Media

Formulating and implementing a social media campaign is part of the overall concept


What has been done so far. what can be done and how much will it take?

Content Management

"Content is King" - now more than ever. Adjust to this idea before you have to.

Strategy and Budgeting

We develop a strategy that is aligned with your business or project and let you know how much bang you get for the buck.

Detox and Repair

We repair PR campaigns that got off track and detox you site from poisened traces in search engines systems.

Web Design Optimization

The appeal and content of a website are as important as its structure.

Internet Marketing

Marketing your website, businesses, project or simply YOU.

Litigation and Crisis PR, and Website Detox - special services. .

Communicating to the court of public opinion when you are in court.

When you have to react rather than act, PR rules change. Usually, swift action has to be taken.

A downgrade in your search engine ranking means that others have done things better, or you have done things the wrong way. .

Client satisfaction means the we want your costumers to be happy with the results. If for some reason, the results are not as desired, we offer a partial money back guarantee.

Key to Success

Before we can implement a plan, we need to know what the goal is.

Second Step

We assess what measures have to be taken and costs are involved in order to reach the objectives.

Work and Patience

While we go to work and implement the plan, cou can monitor the progress. Depending on the project patience may be necessary.

View the Results

After everything is said and done, the results can be measured, evaluated and monitored on an ongoing basis.


We apply and adjust to state-of-the-art technology. This way we are never behind. 

WHY should you go with us?

We do not know whether we are the best service out there, but what we know is that we are committed to making our costumers happy and stay with us for a long time. We just keep on working.

In over 15 years of online marketing history, one rule has survived. Honest work and patience pays off.

Be careful. Monitoring your online success is addictive. In order to curb this addiction and prevent people from obsession, Google only updates public ranking data every few months.

Web Design Service

The Path to a Top Ranking

Design, Structure and Content are the driving Factors  

Search Engine and Social Media Ranking Factors

A well-designed website helps enhancing your online identity. The phrase “You never get a second chance of making a first impression”, applies to your online presence as well.

For this reason, for example, Social Media strategists and marketers preach that your social media profiles should feature nice pictures and detailed information.

As it relates to websites, there are a number of factors that enhance the online visibility of anyone´s site. Google is said to incorporate around 200 different factors. Being visible means getting found quickly for a particular search term – either with search engines or social media platforms.

So what are the factors? Design and structure of a site remain important. Sites that are appealing and easily navigated through are more likely to get more traffic. Google (and other search engines) recognize the of appeal sites by measuring visitors´ behavior, as one of these factors. The longer a visitor stays on a site, the more appealing the site is to him or her.

However, design is not everything. In order to obtain a top ranking - that is a good position for a specific search term - there are many other factors to consider. Knowing these factors and applying them to your site properly, is what drives traffic to a site.

Traffic statistics confirm that website traffic is strongly determined by a good position. Over 90% of all traffic goes into the first 5 results for s search query. This almost translates into a “the Winner takes it all” situation or competition.

Sites that rank well win. “Optimizing” sites, including social media accounts, is therefore enormously important for a top online presence.