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Our Blogosphere

We follow certain guidelines and standards in our blogosphere.

First, our intention in creating the blog segments is to offer high quality and popular content.

By measuring the popularity of topics before we off the topic on the site, we assure, that there is at least interest in the topic itself and work hard to add information that is new and subject related – therefore unique.

Second, our thought was to pack and bundle valuable information. With billions of web pages out there, and billions of users searching for content, information compression is helpful to users who do not have all day to spend on web search queries.

Therefore, filtering and adding valuable information relating to web search, Internet marketing and related subjects build the cornerstone ideas of our blog segments.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at, then they fight you - in the end you win.

Mahatma Gandhi.

Information Overload

Search engines are doin agreat job filtering information, yet the overload of information needs to be managed as far as blogging is concerned. In a way we have to learn from the (search) engines we programmed. The slection what is good and bad information is still in the eye of the beholder, so screeing for the best results makes sense.