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Measuring Progress


SEO Reports and Audits

Measuring the progress of our efforts is an essential part of working transparently. Our reports sum up what we do for you, respectively what already has been done. Our professional reports display crucial data relating to the performance of your site, helping you to understand what changes were made. Therefore, the reports simultaneously serve as SEO audit of a site, displaying technical stuff (so called “onsite” or “on page” factors) as well as data relating to the popularity of the site (“off-page” factors). Some of the data tracked include mobile performance, validation errors, broken links, problems relating to the relaunch of a site, backlink data analysis as well as presence with social media platforms.

Content Performance

We also perform a content analysis, which starts by analyzing to what extent a site suffers from duplicate content issues or from “non-performing” content, in other words, content that nobody cares about because it is hidden or simply not interesting. Search engines have become much smarter with identifying good content by measuring users` behavior on a site.

When comparing the data of a site to the performance of your competition, you will get an understanding on how far you are ahead or behind with respect to the performance and popularity. Regular checks and SEO audits also help you to keep your eyes on the ball with respect to algorithm changes implemented by search engines.

Our website reports are the basis of ongoing consulting talks with our clients, either in order to keep them up to date or in order to adjust the strategy. Expectation management is part of the ongoing effort, as some measures take time and patience to yield the desired results. In addition, we yield for client satisfaction by delivering the results and comparing them with the original objectives.